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Results: 70 Pounds in 8 Months

Weight Loss: ~70 Pounds since 2013. March 2019 size 16/18. Dec 2019 size 8.
Blood Results: Within Health USA Standard Targets
More about my story and trackers & cooking tools I used.

Chart: Weight & Calories

Chart demonstrates loosing weight without crazy calorie restriction. Nutritionally dense – plant based foods – create satiety. I do not go hungry.

Chart: Calories Consumed

Chart demonstrates adequate protein on a whole food, plant based (WFPB) diet. Carbohydrates sourced from 1-2 pounds of fruit and veggies daily. Healthy heart fat from seeds and nuts (as I have no heart issues).

Chart: Lab Results

Chart demonstrates how eating plant based allowed my numbers to naturally zoom towards normal. The “red” in November 2019 is a normal side effect of water only fasting and returns to normal in a few days. No worries here.

4 Month Check Point

29 pounds gone in 4 months. Key learnings below. More about my story.

Plant Based, Whole Foods Only
8:16 Intermittent Fasting
1). Varying my calories each day (between 700-1400) based on hunger drive doesn’t derail weight loss.
2). Intermittent Fasting keeps me on track. Otherwise I over eat. Period. For me, it’s easier to say “Nope, outside the food window.” I look at the app and see adequate calories and remind myself I’ve had enough.”
Plant Based, Whole Foods Only
Protein, Carb (complex) & Fat Analysis
1). Whole plant food provides adequate protein, fat and carb. If it comes in a box, I don’t eat it.
2). I’m not hungry during the 16 hours of intermittent fasting.
3). Salad is first and the whole plate. I don’t dish other things (e.g. white potato) til I’ve finished the salad then decide if I need more. If I dish it up, I tend to eat it. So I don’t pre-dish.
Traveling early July. Exercise limited to walking.
1). I must do heart pumping exercise to achieve 1-2 pds a week weight loss.
2). Exercise quiets “false” hunger almost completely.

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