Why Use Tools?

It’s a hard self truth. All dieters unintentionally lie. We under estimate portion sizes and calories. We can over estimate exercise effort. Probably like you, I don’t think of myself as a liar and yet it’s all to easy to round down here or there.

You don’t have to do this level of tracking to get results. Whole food, plant based (WFPB) is normally managed between true hunger and satisfied. My problem was figuring out true hunger. Looking in the mirror I personally knew I had to get some data to get real with myself. I wanted it to empower learning for and about myself. I want to look clearly into the mirror of my choices, behaviors and habits and have data to understand how my heart and body responds.

Tools I Use

Helping me stay on track is the whole purpose of tools. None of them are required for your journey but I found them extremely valuable. The manufacturers have technically integrated these products. When I open Chronometer app both my scale info and daily movement are automatically added. Easy and real data.

Results Tracking

  • Food Log: Charts created using Cronometer.com on their mobile app. I’m on the gold subscription plan. I weigh or measure track everything I consume. During the first four months – no exceptions. On the rare occasion I eat out … I do the best I can to estimate.
  • Scale: Withings makes a scale that captures your total weight and also displays bone mass, fat, muscle and hydration level. Data and trends can be viewed on a mobile app. Integrates with Cronometer. Accuracy within .1kg or .2 pounds.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Exercise / Pulse is connected to my Polar fitness watch which is integrated into Cronometer and automatically uploads the data. I selected the A370 Polar based on features, swim friendly, ease of use, style and price.

Food Preparation

  • Pressure Cooker. I use a Mueller 6 Quart. But any will do.
  • Air Fryer. I use a Mealthy crisper lid that fits top the pressure cook. I cook for one so small batches aren’t a issue. It doesn’t take up counter space. Bonus!

What’s With All The Data?

I’ll admit it – I’m a naturally curious geek with a thing for data. Professionally my career is in the realm of software engineering leadership (LinkedIn; Small Business Owner). My brain looks for patterns and correlates data to find ways to deliver results faster and better. I’ve applied the same principles to tracking my progress. It’s been especially helpful so that plateaus don’t discourage me too much and to get me get back on track when I have set-backs.

Blessings & Peace!

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