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Change Your Story

Crisis Healing 

Rheumatoid Arthritis. Pre-diabetes. Obese. 
Whatever your inflammation based illness is – eating plants can help.  

Getting started on a healthy diet journey is extremely […]
Encouraging Your Spirit IT’S NOT YOU. It really is […]
Encouraging Your Spirit LET ME HELP YOU get through […]
Encouraging Your Spirit BREATH IN AND THEN SLOWLY LET […]

Change your diet, change your life. 

This Week

Daily encouragement for your spirit with science backed research to inspire.

Encouraging Your Spirit LOSE THESE: low energy, systemic […]
Encouraging Your Spirit REPROGRAM YOUR ASSUMPTIONS. I AM […]
Encouraging Your Spirit STEADFAST. I AM the same. […]
Encouraging Your Spirit Look to the heavens. Watch […]

Plant Based Recipes

Easy. Delicious. Quick.

Recipe Chocolate Coffee Cookies
Free recipe. If you like chocolate, these cookies are probably […]
This is my absolute favorite hummus. It’s tried and tested […]
There is no reason to loose the crunch! The secret […]
When I really can’t shake the want for chocolate — […]

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