Getting started on a healthy diet journey is extremely difficult and simultaneously simple.


Let’s start with what’s simple.

It comes down to the decision to begin.
Non-processed. Primarily (or fully) plant based.
That’s it.
The old way of eating will become a distance echo until it doesn’t call to you any longer.
Just move forward. Don’t allow perfection to crowd out progress.
You’re totally able to learn and personalize as you go.

Plant Based Believer gives you pause moments to feed your spirit and nutrition education to cut through a mountain of online information. Helping you by-pass all the discouraging and wasteful dis-information.

The goal is to make your early days in plant-based eating easier than I found mine to be. Giving back. That’s it. It’s to encourage your heart on this journey.

Results will be simple and easy. I am not kidding you.

Plant-based eaters who eat for nutrition don’t wear fat. (Tables 7,8, 10)
Plant-based eaters who shun processed “vegan” food have very little disease or risks.
Dive into fully plant-based eating and most people who are overweight loose about 1-2 pounds a week and reach their ideal body shape over time.

Plant-based nutrition tackles diseases that are sourced from inflammation. There are over 100! For me, it’s severe Arthritis. For you it could be heart disease, IBS, diabetes or MS. It’s all manifestations of inflammation.

The difficult part.

The difficult part is that the struggle is real.
The fast and furious sugar, oil and salt (SOS) will scream your name the first 3-4 weeks. If you slide and indulge, it will whimper again. Bunker down and get ready for the storm because it will pass. You’re not alone, ever. Help is here.

Plant Based Believer provides a holistic approach and positive community:

  • learning content from cutting edge medical science found at the bottom of each daily meditation.
  • daily meditation to encourage your heart and support behavior change.
  • online community at our facebook page filled with encouragement, recipes, live streams and more.
  • more on “how to use this site”

In my personal journey, one thing I eventually learned is to not go this alone.

People will challenge you. People you love will do it. People you don’t love so much will do it. Suddenly people will become overly concerned with what your eating … or more accurately what your not eating.

Questions like “Won’t you die without (animal) protein? ” (no, you’ll get sufficient protein). “What’s so wrong with packaged food?” (the manufacturing process) “Aren’t you hungry eating rabbit food?” (No, you’ll eat more and be full! You’ll experience the satisfaction of sweet, salty, sour and even bitter if you choose it). You may even find a few who eat a burger in your face (yup, I had this happen). Many in our medical communities have less than 25 hours of nutritional education in 12 years of medical school. Brilliant doctors with gaps in understanding the common sense that food is fuel.

In those moments, it’s not productive to try and challenge others. Just ask them to let it go. Focus on you.

What to do for others? Be kind to them and remember ‘they don’t know what they do.” Don’t make a big deal out of it.

What to do for yourself? Live your life as if food isn’t the center of community. Order a salad with lemon or vinegar (no oil) when out on the town. Engage in the conversation and be happy. Use this devotional, nutritional education and community to bolster your spirit.

The results of changes to your body will speak loudly enough soon enough. Your alertness, sleep and arteries will think you’re a rock star. If disease has manifested it can be quieted or eradicated. If excess weight is present, it just goes away with deprivation.

Ready to Begin? Let’s go. Check out How To Use This Site and Favorites. Start your journey today and join us as a member.

Jump right in at Day zero to get started. Let’s feed your spirit and ready your mind and resolve.

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