Encouraging Your Spirit

REMEMBER. I AM is with you in the waters, in the fire, in pit, in the wilderness. When the world feels like a foreign land, I Am. Nothing stands between us. Do not forget the days where I have walked with you in the past. Remember. You will never be alone. I AM with you in THIS moment. I live in today. I not only live between the pages of Genesis through Revelation. Listen to My provision in these pages I’ve inspired for you to know Me. I AM. See My reflection in the quiet acts of good in today. I AM. Remember. My Love is great for you, for your neighbor and for the world. I AM. Remember.

Bible Wisdom

Listen, O my people, to my teaching; Incline your ears to the words of my mouth [and be willing to learn]. Again and again they tempted God, And distressed the Holy One of Israel. They did not remember [the miracles worked by] His [powerful] hand, Nor the day when He redeemed them from the enemy. Psalms 78:1, 41-42


God, I see You. As I reflect on every valley … days that were so hard, You were there. When fire was all around, with so much need, You were there. I remember. So in these moments … in the waiting … in the change with food, I’ll remember. In Jesus Name, Amen

Encouraging Your Journey

Do Something Awesome, Tell a Friend


three black handset toys
Didn't take rocket science to sort I'm still insulin resistant (IR) even with all the plants... So I've ventured into One Meal A Day eating in a 4 hour window and fasting the other 20 hours of the day. It's been way easier than anticipated. Autophagy is about having appropriate periods of rest for your body to focus on healing rather than digesting.
In 30 days. How? by eating my normal plant based […]
I love simple foods with textural variety.  Tonight was air […]

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