Encouraging Your Spirit

My ear is tuned to you as sure as there are stars in the night sky. When temptation comes, call to Me. I hear your cry for help. The earth will tremble. I swiftly come in the moment of night and tear apart temptation. Darkness and storms are at My command. I AM is your shield.

Bible Wisdom

He covered himself with darkness; thick clouds, full of water, surrounded him. Psalms 18:11


God, when temptation comes, I don’t want to behave like Adam and Eve who tried to fix things themselves. To You I call. You save those who are humble. You defend those who call upon You. Come Holy Spirit. In Jesus Name, Amen

Encouraging Your Journey

  • No video today. Re-watch a video from the last seven days and see what’s new. This evening step outside in absolute quiet. Gaze into the night sky and meet Me there.
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three black handset toys
Didn't take rocket science to sort I'm still insulin resistant (IR) even with all the plants... So I've ventured into One Meal A Day eating in a 4 hour window and fasting the other 20 hours of the day. It's been way easier than anticipated. Autophagy is about having appropriate periods of rest for your body to focus on healing rather than digesting.
In 30 days. How? by eating my normal plant based […]
I love simple foods with textural variety.  Tonight was air […]

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