Encouraging Your Spirit

ACCEPTED. You are chosen. Do not entertain the whisper “your not good enough” if you haven’t eaten what you need from garden today. That voice is not from Me. Lift up your hands to the sky. Yes, really lift them. Call out “Beloved Father”. You are not orphaned. You are not on this journey alone. Ask and my Spirit will rise up in love, power and renewed self-control.

Bible Wisdom

And you did not receive the “spirit of religious duty,” leading you back into the fear of never being good enough. But you have received the “Spirit of full acceptance,” enfolding you into the family of God. And you will never feel orphaned, for as he rises up within us, our spirits join him in saying the words of tender affection, “Beloved Father!” Romans 8:15


Beloved Father, rise up in me a deeper experience of Your tender affection for myself and others, Set me beside quiet streams of reflection amidst the demands. Thank you I’m adopted fully. Thank you that who I am becoming in Your care is enough. In Jesus Name, Amen

Encouraging Your Journey

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three black handset toys
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