Encouraging Your Spirit

BREATH IN AND THEN SLOWLY LET GO. Today it is I, the great I AM, who is with you. Everything you need for this journey, I have already grown and packed. When you feel trapped, I am the door. When you feel lost, I am the light. When you feel tired, I am the life. When your unsure, I am the truth. Don’t get distracted by others journey. Don’t argue or judge looking down on them. I’ll partner with them for their journey. Let go. I have a vibrant life ready for you. I’ll walk with you as your body lets go of food for comfort. I’ll be your comfort. Embrace that freedom has already begun. Breath it in.

Bible Wisdom

The one who eats freely shouldn’t judge and look down on the one who eats only vegetables. And the vegetable eater must not judge and look down on the one who eats everything. Remember, God has welcomed him and taken him as his partner. Romans 14:3


Creator God, I’m a few days in. Equally hopeful and skeptical. I surrender holding my breath waiting for failure to drop like a shoe. Processed ‘foods’ are a pale comparison to the abundance and wisdom You’ve put into whole foods. For just today, help me do exactly what I need to be at my healthiest. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Encouraging Your Journey

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Didn't take rocket science to sort I'm still insulin resistant (IR) even with all the plants... So I've ventured into One Meal A Day eating in a 4 hour window and fasting the other 20 hours of the day. It's been way easier than anticipated. Autophagy is about having appropriate periods of rest for your body to focus on healing rather than digesting.
In 30 days. How? by eating my normal plant based […]
I love simple foods with textural variety.  Tonight was air […]

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