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This is my absolute favorite hummus. It’s tried and tested from my kitchen. I hope you’ll tweak it to best suit your taste and make it your own!


1 small bag dried chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
6 TBSP Cumin 
1-2 Large Garlic Bulb (Elephant garlic recommended, mild)
4 TBSP Onion power
3 TBSP Smoked Paprika
2 TBSP Unsalted Tahini (ground sesame seeds)
1 Lime or Lemon
Optional:  pine nuts


Bake elephant garlic bulb in tin foil at 300F until soft.  Approx 45 minutes. Tip: lower temp softens garlic without killing off healthy enzymes with heat.

Cook chickpeas according to package.  Tip: I use my pressure cooker. See My Tools on website.  This eliminates need to pre-soak beans, speeds cooking and wipes out lectins.

Put ingredients in food processor in the following order:  Beans (til consistency you like for hummus. Hold a few back to put on top), garlic. Tahini. Spices. 

Hand squeeze lime or lemon juice into mixture. Enhances taste & is a natural color and freshness preservative.

Optional toppings: whole chickpeas, pine nuts, paprika sprinkle. 

Refrigerate when not serving.  Share with friends and family.  Can be frozen.

Serve with chopped veggies or dippin’ chips.

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