Encouraging Your Spirit

LET ME PREPARE for you. I know what today holds for you. The fast corners. The inconveniences. The triggers. Walk along with Me today expecting Me to provide. I AM is equipping you. I can be trusted that food from the earth will meet all your needs. I AM with you for each step, each plate, each bite. Expect goodness. It is what I have for you.

Bible Wisdom

All the creatures wait expectantly for you to give them their food as you determine. Psalms 104:27


God in heaven, show me how to take just the next step. To eat today with the expectation that as I choose food from your good earth, You have good for me. I can’t see it yet but I believe. In Jesus Name, Amen

Encouraging Your Journey

  • What about oil? Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. MD (0:4:58)
  • What oil does in your body Dr. McDougall, MD. (0:54:44)
  • Why eating less and exercising more isn’t sustainable. How to loose weight without loosing your mind. Dr. Doug Lisle (1:13:00)
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