Here in Arizona there is a program that rescues good produce and makes it’s available at $12 for up to 70 pounds. The catch is … you’ll never know what your coming home with until you get it home. This week our glorious haul included a counter full of tomato’s, yellow squash and 3 watermelons. As I stared at the ingredients like a game of concentration, it came to me … make sauce! This is a Salt Oil and Sugar Free Sauce. It’s great on SOS-Free pasta and on pizza made on veggies on top of Ezekiel brand tortillas. Enjoy!


12 Fresh Tomatoes, cut in half
4 Yellow Squash, Fresh, pealed, 2″ pieces
2 cloves garlic, crush
1 purple onion, quartered & separated
1/4 C Basil
1/4 C Chives
1 small watermelon, 3″ cubes
2 C water
Pepper to taste


Place tomatoes, squash, garlic, onion and water into a pressure cooker. I use the Mueller see My Tools.  Cook for 25 minutes. After cooking, blend (ideally with a hand blender). Sauce will be watery.

Transfer sauce into a large 2 or 3 quart pan. Add watermelon and spices. Simmer with a low boil for about 4-6 hours stirring a couple of times an hour. As sauce starts to look the desired consistency, blend sauce to finish breaking down watermelon. Sauce will cook down to approximately 1/3 it’s original volume. This reduction cook time is an important step as it intensifies the flavors, naturally thickens into a sauce and gifts you a fresh tasting and light sauce.

Let cool. Freezes well. Enjoy!

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