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Technically, Oreo’s are vegan. A whole food, nope. Oil, Fat or Salt free, nope.

I’ve restarted Intermittent Fasting. With just 14 days of clean 18:6 to 20:4 daily fasting I have a fresh victory to share:  oreo’s in the house has zero appeal. Here’s how…  

Caveat:  Before I tell you this story let me start out by saying I’m married (36 years) to a really decent guy.

My hubby doesn’t have a sweet tooth and naturally eats when he is hungry and full.  He loves to have sweet and salty stuff in the house cuz “you never know when someone is going to stop by”.  I’ve explained a zillion (that might be an exaggeration but it doesn’t feel like it) times that it’s helpful to me to keep the junk out of the house.  He tries and then he buys it again and pretty soon there is a stack of vegan junk that I eat and he never seems to.  Our solution is to have that stuff in a basket high up in pantry for “out of sight, out of mind” for me and for the guests when they stop by…

After 13,162 days (36 years + 13 days of clean IF) and we come to yesterday.  I did my IF thing, ate a yummy plant based meal and later had a sliced date with a tsp or so of peanut butter and a strawberry to finish my day (yum!) and closed the eating window.   In the evening I baked a veggies for today (enough for a few days) and made some mini muffins (oatmeal and fruit, so yummy and plant based!) for when the grandkids come over that I keep in the freezer.  

While returning vanilla, cinnamon, oats to the pantry I looked up and saw those oreo’s starring down at me.  I didn’t care.  They didn’t faze me.  I just shut the door and went on my way.  Didn’t really think about it … I had a kitchen to clean. 

This morning I woke up welcoming the day and reflected with God through thankfulness. It entered my mind, that after 14 Days of clean, clean, clean fasting (between 18:6 & 20:4)literally I had a “don’t care” experience about the oreos.  Not a “oooh, I’ll try and leave them alone” with white knuckles but an actual “don’t care”.  

I thought that was pretty specular to experience.

For everyone who lives with family members who aren’t plant based (or even trying to be) and bring junk food into the house that trips you up, Intermittent Fasting could be a huge help to you on your health journey. You don’t have to have your plant based eating all sorted for Intermittent Fasting to work.

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