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Encouraging Your Spirit

DID YOU HEAR THAT? That small voice, a background recording whispering betrayals:

  • “what will it matter”
  • “just this once”
  • “good thing your smart, cuz your sure not pretty fatty”
  • “your in your mid-50’s, it’s too late.”
  • “you can’t help it.”

Words. Powerful words that are the seeds of deeds. Word and thoughts the genesis of actions. Food is not the enemy. Pause and allow yourself to hear the inner words of your spirit where the real battle is rising up. As you choose foods from My abundant garden let me also remove the recordings that don’t serve you. Let Me refresh your heart all the while restoring your health.

Bible Wisdom

He added, “Words and deeds pollute a person, not food. Mark 7:20


God, I don’t know … will this really matter? Sit with me and surface the self-talk, the inner conversation I’m not even aware of that cheat me of the good health You have for me. Today my food choices will be in obedience to work the plan. Make a new recording that plays in my heart. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Encouraging Your Journey

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