Active Resistance

Encouraging Your Spirit

PUT UP A FIGHT. I am with you. I will not leave you alone. Hold out against foods that are a trap for you. Turn down offers to indulge. Stonewall unhelpful thoughts. There is reward at the end of the duel. I promise you the chemistry of your brain and tastebuds will literally be more attuned to success. I have made you breathtakingly marvelous. Your body will feel more comfortable to live in. You are wonderfully made. I thoroughly love you. The reward, it’s for you.

Bible Wisdom

Those who tempt the lovers of God with an evil scheme will fall into their own trap. But the innocent who resist temptation will experience reward. Proverbs 28:10


Elohim, Creator of the Universe, You are the original flawless Super Hero. All strength, power and justice flow from You. I choose You. I choose to resist choices that steal away my human strength and health. Protect my innocence. Help me as I do my part to put up a fight. In Jesus Name, Amen

Encouraging Your Journey

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three black handset toys
Didn't take rocket science to sort I'm still insulin resistant (IR) even with all the plants... So I've ventured into One Meal A Day eating in a 4 hour window and fasting the other 20 hours of the day. It's been way easier than anticipated. Autophagy is about having appropriate periods of rest for your body to focus on healing rather than digesting.
In 30 days. How? by eating my normal plant based […]
I love simple foods with textural variety.  Tonight was air […]

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