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Encouraging Your Spirit

IT GRIEVES MY HEART. Beloved, there are organizations — people — with incentives that are not for your wellness. Such is the curse and reality of the blessing of free will. They choose to tempt, push, lure and entice most often due to their enslavement to greed. Pity them. See it for what it really is. When you hear or feel the buzz, take a deep breath and call My Name. I hear your voice. I rise up. I send my angelic hosts and even more so I am with you Myself. Call me. I’ll suit you up and together we will overcome.

Bible Wisdom

Yes, they surrounded me, like a swarm of killer bees swirling around me. I was trapped like one trapped by a raging fire; I was surrounded with no way out and at the point of collapse. But by Yahweh’s supernatural power, I overcame them all! They pushed me right up to the edge, and I was ready to fall,but you helped me to triumph, and together we overcame them all. Psalm 118:11-13


Whoa! Surrounded like a swarm of killer bees! Delivering God, processed and unhelpful food products feel exactly like this some days. Infuse my heart and mind with supernatural common sense and resist resolve. I’ve felt that edge while looking at a restaurant menu or rummaging the pantry at home. Jesus, I’m calling out Your Name and asking for triumph. I’ll take You up on your promise that together we overcome. In Jesus Name, Amen

Encouraging Your Journey

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