Fasting: Less Is More
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Encouraging Your Spirit

YOU ARE NEVER WITHOUT. Gift your digestion with relaxation. Fasting will hush the noise and rebuild your walls. Walls of self-control for your mind. Walls of tranquility for your spirit. Walls of rejuvenation for your cells. Walls of protection for your longevity. Fasting, my beloved, is not going without. That concept is misguided. Fasting, is giving your spirit and body space and rest. Enter into My rest.

Bible Wisdom

It’s not good to eat too much honey, and it’s not good to seek honors for yourself. A person without self-control is like a city with broken-down walls. Proverbs 25.27


God, today I invite You to unveil cessation from food for what it really is: a vacation that builds my life and internal walls. In this quiet moment, bring to mind a number of hours that I can start with and do daily for the next seven days**. I’m listening Lord. A siesta from food. An intermission from my body being in work mode. Jesus, build my walls. In Your Name, Amen

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** Intermittent Fasting recommended. A window of 12 hours to 16 hours a day without food. For example, I use 16/8 daily. 16 hours of nothing but water or non-sweetened tea from 3:30pm to 7:30am (16 hrs) . I eat whole food, plant based (WFPB) caloric dense foods til satiated between 7:30am and 3:30pm (8 hrs) each day.

** To conduct a fast longer than 24-48 hours, please consult your health care provider. For extended water fasts, True North is a medical facility and gold standard. True North Fasting Research.

*** Comments to eat fat (animal and vegetable) are behind scientifically. I choose to ignore.

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