green smoothie
Encouraging Your Spirit RAW POSSIBILITIES. Cure is in the daily lifestyle, it is not a destination. […]
Encouraging Your Spirit INTERFERENCE. Distraction. The swirl of life rumbles like a 3600 watt speaker in […]
Encouraging Your Spirit ATTENUATE. Food from My garden feeds your body empowering it to lessen the […]
Our bodies are so very intelligently designed. Rest from measuring yourself. Rest from brain games. Rest from feeling like a failure. Your not. It's just time to rest.
a close up shot of an oreo cookies
With just 14 days of clean 18:6 to 20:4 daily fasting I have a fresh victory to share:  oreo's in the house has zero appeal. Here's how...  
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Community: What you post/comment is what someone else needed to see.
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