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Hello beloved.
You are embarking on a journey of cheering, challenging and most importantly loving people who are awakening to eating more (and more!) plants.
Jesus has put this on your heart and directly into your path.
It’s God’s call for people. You and I … we just get the privileged to plant seeds and water.
God causes and prompts the growth. God owns the garden. God does the awakening.
So as people come and people go. Hold them up to the Father. The whole process is His.

Invite: Get your friends ready

Invite your friends — your tribe — to join the Plant Based Believer Facebook Group. Info: Online Groups
This enables them to succeed and fail (as most of us mere mortals do) on their journey without it being all over their personal facebook page.

Tell them about YOUR ROOM in the group (optional): Rooms enables them to chat (text / video) with you in a secure room within the “house” of the group outside the context of the watch party. You don’t have to host a room if you don’t want to. If you choose to host one, let people know if you have set times or will keep it open. Rooms provide security and privacy within the group. Naming your room tip: Use a format that is easy for people to find your room such as Name, Day, Time, Time Zone. For Example: Trish B, Tuesdays 6pm MT OR Ireland Group, Tuesday 19:30pm GMT-0 OR Fred G. Friends, M-F 5pm – 7pm ET

Hosting Ideas

  • Tell your friends via facebook and personal contact about your upcoming watch party based on the video’s topic. You’ll find these in the title of each video or description. For example: Week 01 is getting started. Week 02 is Calorie Density. Week 03 is Self Sabotage.
  • Once you start the watch party, you can add friends, comments and the like. Facebook Help Here.

Tech: Hosting a Facebook Watch Party

Inside the Plant Based Believer facebook group, click on “Watch Party”. Follow prompts to add the weeks PBB video.

Add ONE video to the post. The queue feature is designed for people to host a single watch party with many video’s that play back to back.

Facebook Classic Design. Facebook is changing their design throughout September 2020. As of 9.7.20 the ‘watch party’ feature is not fully enabled on the new design. The Plant Based Believer Group is being held in the Classic design until the watch feature is available.
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