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Science shows that making lasting changes is easier in community. That’s us a plant based community! Want to join into a virtual group? Plant Based Believer offers a four month community specialized in equipping you to add plants to your diet. The more plants … the faster you’ll heal and change.

Oh yeah, it’s free. Like totally free.

We’ve got options for you. Because free + choice = goodness.

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Join This Tribe

Join the Plant Based Believer’s facebook goup @GoPlantBasedBeliever facebook group today.
Check in and share with others your thoughts, inspirations, victories, questions, struggles and funnies.
Share pictures of good things your eating. Share whole food, plant-based recipes your trying.
Enjoy others celebrating the journey with you. Chat especially when moments are challenging.

You’ll find me online in the Facebook Plant Based believer group in the US/Arizona time zone.

Bring Your Tribe

Within the Plant Based Believer Facebook Group you’ll find Facebook Rooms where friends can gather to work this path together. You can join a room. You can bring your own friends and create a room within the Plant Based Believer group. Chat about the devo’s, connect about the video’s. Grow. Change. Love. Heal. Laugh. It’s all here. God’s garden is good.

Facebook Rooms Info: What is rooms? | Join an Existing Room | Create Your Plant Based Believer Room help

Coming January 2021

All the Plant Based Believer science and devotionals are relevant to dig into today. And I’m actively pursuing more for my own physical healing and to share with you. I’m working behind the scenes to add a raw track, a pod cast and more. For people who are already eating plants and need more healing. For people who want to have more energy, require less sleep and have amazing skin – you’ll want this. Coming in January 2021. Here’s how to get more info as the New Year draws near.

Your information is not shared, sold, etc. etc in any manner. It’s only used to connect you into the Plant Based Believer Community. Privacy Terms

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